Cactus and succulent care

Cactus and succulent care From years cactus and succulents are considered bad for luck in many Indian houses but to be honest their color, varieties, geometry are actually irresistible .So if you can keep superstitions aside you can add terrific…

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Bromeliad care

Bromeliad care Bromeliads are unique houseplants that make gorgeous additions to any indoor plant collection. They are pretty easy to grow indoor plants, but caring for bromeliads is quite different than caring for your average houseplant. But need nott  worry, bromeliad plant…

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Orchid Care

Dendrobium orchid care From years orchids are considered as difficult to grow plants but as a matter of fact even if you are brown thumb you can grow specifically this species of orchid with just little care.There are over 1,000…

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