Cactus and succulent care

Cactus and succulent care

From years cactus and succulents are considered bad for luck in many Indian houses but to be honest their color, varieties, geometry are actually irresistible .So if you can keep superstitions aside you can add terrific texture and eye catching attraction via these beauties in your garden. In addition they will clean toxins from you home air too that too with negligible care and little understanding.Cacti and succulent plants are also considered majorly because of their less space requirements in sort in small space you can show texture , color and geometry at one place so lets go in depth to understand technicality behind these plants.

In this article I am going to talk about cacti species like mammilaria,gymnocalycium,euphorbia,notocactus,Ferocactus,opuntia,echinopsis and barrel cactus .Succulents we are talking about include aloe species,haworthia,gasteria,sedum,jade,kalanchoe,sansevieria and agaves.

Water Requirements
Cacti and succulents are known for their dry habitats so technically they need very less water but less doesn’t mean no water.You need to water your cacti and succulents when their soil has completely dried out in case of succulents you need to give water little more than cactus.Also you can wash your plants occasionally to make them look healthier but in case of cactus which have hairy spines this is not needed also succulents and cactus having rosette(rose like) geometry you shouldn’t do this to avoid rot.

Never ever keep your cactus or succulent water logged or in wet conditions.It can easily kill your plants.

Light Requirements

Cactus require good bright light conditions while succulents can’t accept such very bright light .Succulents should be placed where they can receive morning and evening sunlight but not direct day time sunlight also air circulation must be kept high to avoid oven like situation for your plants.

Temperature Requirements

Ideally temperature for cactus and succulents should not drop below 8°C and maximum allowed for cactus is 45°C in case of succulent it is between 12 to 30°C.


Humidity Requirements

Higher humidity is not good for cactus or succulents they are not tropical plant they belong generally from areas where day temperature can reach upto 50°C. and night temperature can fall below freezing point.

Fertilizer Requirements
If you have cactus which is of flowering type then use high phosphorous ratio fertilizer like DAP if it is not flowering then you can use high nitrogen fertilizer same in case of succulents also.

Medium requirements

You need to buy standard cactus mix or you can make one with mixing equal part of sand ,perlite,pebbles,riverdust,charcoal and manure.It must drain really fast as you don’t want your cactus or succulent to sit in water.


Clay  pot do best with cactus and succulents plastic pot are also good as they increase root ball area temperature.

Potting Requirements

Re-potting is needed when they outgrow their existing pot.

What to do when we get delivery of  cactus and succulent plants

If you have ordered bare rooted cactus or succulent then it may be the condition that their color has faded out but repot them as soon as possible and give little water they will overcome very quickly in not time if you are afraid to take this burden simply order potted one and enjoy.

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