Complete Guide to Care Kalanchoe Plants.

Kalanchoe plants

Many houseplants are easy to grow indoors and bring a wonderful touch of nature and greenery to any room. Some of the coolest, most unusual, and unique houseplants have a natural aesthetic appeal. Glossy green foliage, colorful leaves, weird and wonderful shapes, and funny growing habits all add to the beauty of many rare and uncommon aesthetic houseplants. When it comes to caring for houseplants—even if they are unique, rare, unusual, or cool—there are a few general rules to follow. First of all, only water them when the soil is partly dry and allow water to drain completely. Keep houseplants in bright locations with indirect sunlight. Also, don’t place indoor plants next to cold drafts or heating units.

1- Rose Grape: The beauty of Unique Houseplants

The rose grape is one of the most unusual and beautiful plants you can grow indoors. As its botanical name suggests, this is a magnificent plant. The rose grape has glossy green leaves with wavy edges. In spring, you can enjoy its stunning pink flower heads that are clusters of drooping small flowers.

2- Pinstripe Calathia

Calatheas are cool, unique houseplants thanks to the exciting designs on their foliage. The pinstripe calathea is one of the best examples of tropical foliage and unique houseplants that you can grow at home. Large green elongated, ovate leaves have striking pinstripe markings radiating from the central stem. The unusual feature of many calatheas is the dark purple or burgundy colors on their underside. there are other types of Calatheas that adorn a modern interior look like Zebra and Rattlesnake calatheas.

3- Snake Plant

Sansevieria plants not only require little care and water, but they also have unusually long leaves that look like swords growing straight out of the ground. Commonly called snake plants, these evergreen unique houseplants have stiff fibrous leaves that can grow up to 90 cm tall. Due to the long, sharp appearance of the leaves, it’s no wonder this cool plant has the name “mother-in-law’s tongue.” Snake plants are excellent as unique ornamental houseplants. They can survive in low light conditions and only need water once in a while.

4- Begonias

Begonias are on the list of unique houseplants that are easy to look after due to their unusual foliage. There are over 1,800 species of begonias, all with varying leaf shapes and colors. Begonias also produce beautiful flowers when you care for them properly.

Some begonia varieties have large, deeply-veined leaves with dark green, purple, silver, and yellow patterns. One begonia cultivar with very unusual leaves has a marking like a large swirl. 

5- Red Aglaonema

Belonging to a family called Chinese evergreens, the red aglaonema is one of the most unusual, unique houseplants due to its stunning red foliage. The colorful ornamental aesthetic plants look great if you want to brighten up your room. Other Aglaonema cultivars have unique bright green leaves with pink edges and tips. One of the cool features of these plants is that they help clean your air.

6- Hoya -“Lucky Heart”

Hoya plants are a type of succulent, and the “Lucky Heart” Hoya has cool, heart-shaped leaves. You often find these unusually-looking plants growing as a single leaf in a pot. And, they are popular gifts around Valentine’s Day. Hoya ‘sweetheart’ plants are straightforward to care for. It is rare these heart-shaped cuttings root and propagates. But with minimal care, you can enjoy this unique houseplant for many years.

7- Silver Vase Plant

The silver vase plant is an unusual and beautiful, unique houseplant in that it’s easy to grow indoors. Sometimes called the urn plant, this bromeliad has thick, arching, leathery leaves that are a silvery-green color. These leaves overlap to create a unique vase-shaped plant. When this exotic plant flowers, it stands out from all other types of houseplants. An elegant showy pink spiky flower emerges from the center of the plant to create an impressive, eye-catching houseplant.

engross yourselves in the world of indoor plants with these unusual beauties that are soothing to the eyes and very easy to care for.

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