Estimated cost : Depends on space measurement and initial visit . You can send pics of area and measurement to get an estimate. Rough idea 15000 to 90,000 for 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats rate also depends on special requirements.

Time required : 4 to 5 days.

Mediterranean gardens are best known for their casual elegance.They bring exotic look to any urban home or yard known from centuries for their ability to bring romance,peace and grace in life. Inspired by the coastal areas of Spain, Italy and France, this style of garden combines relaxed materials and plants with formal accents and designs. Terra cotta pots, tiered fountains, statuary, Roman columns and bocce ball courts are all hallmarks of Mediterranean gardens. The plant palette of a Mediterranean landscape is made of plants that provide texture, color and structure – think lavender, cypress trees and ornamental grasses.

A Mediterranean inspired landscape will transport you to another world each time you step out your door. The smell of the fragrant herbs, the sound of trickling water and the warm color of terra cotta will make you want to take a seat and enjoy a glass of wine.

With help of our trained team we can bring all this in your home whether it is small flat or big bunglow .

The key component of mediterranean garden which we will include to your home are as per following.

Terra cotta pots


Fountains( as per space requirement)



Columns(applicable for large houses like bunglow)



Included plants


Include regular thuja,golden and green cypress.



Include mint,thymes,lavender,sweet william,alyssum,lemongrass,fountain grass,basils,marigold and  many more


Colourfull plants

Include coleus,spider plant,coloured yucca,cordylines,and varigated ficuses



Flowering plants

Include marigold, bougainvillea,creeping figs,lavenders,imponea and many more



Include photinia,japanese box,ficuses,cherry laurel and many more.

Big Palms and cycads

Include rhaphis palm,lady finger plant,palmyera palm,fan palm,date palm ,yucca tree and many more


Stone sculptures








Bring Happiness in life


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