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Dendrobium orchid care

From years orchids are considered as difficult to grow plants but as a matter of fact even if you are brown thumb you can grow specifically this species of orchid with just little care.There are over 1,000 types of Dendrobium orchids and hybrids. They vary in size, bloom color, appearance, and growing requirements. The article given below is generic for most of dendrobium hybrids and genre.

Water Requirements
A Dendrobium orchid should be watered in the morning . Watering frequency – as covered in this article about watering orchids – can be determined by a few different things. The watering schedule for a Den greatly depends on the season and its growth cycle. When the plant is actively growing, you should water daily if you are in place where temperature stays between 27°C to 40°C.But if you live in an area where average temperature is between 10°C to 20°C then water twice a week. In the early fall, you should reduce your watering schedule to help encourage bud growth. This is the time when winter starts.In the winter you should only water when you see that the pseudobulbs are beginning to shrivel because this is an indicator that you are not giving the plant enough water.

Orchid should never sit in water it will increase chance of root rot


Light Requirements

Den orchids, along with it’s hybrids, grow best with moderate light intensity. The ideal place for a Den is under some shade where it can receive morning and evening sunlight kindly protect it from harsh daytime sun.Eastern and northern window are suggested.Remember to not let the orchid receive direct sunlight because this could cause the orchid to get sunburned leaves.

Temperature Requirements

Dendrobium orchids love moderate temperature as in tropical areas ideally between 24°C to 30°C  if more than this temperature then place it under some other tree or in more than partial shade in day time. While the Den-Nobile orchid is in bloom it does best with nighttime temperatures of  (10°C to 16°C). Temperatures should not rise above 32.2°C or fall below 2.8°C .

Humidity Requirements
Den orchids do best with a humidity level of 50-60%. You will want to make sure to maintain good air movement to help prevent orchid disease from setting in.

You can also provide humidity during drier day by keeping orchid pot on tray filled with water and pebbles just make sure rim of pot is above then water level.Orchid should never sit in water it will increase chance of root rot.

Fertilizer Requirements
When Den orchids are in full growth they should be fertilized regularly. It is important to never fertilize an orchid that is completely dry, because doing so can cause major damage to the roots.Also do not use regular fertilizer use special mix for orchids available on our site or from external sources.


Medium requirements

Never grow orchid in soil. It’s not a regular houseplant they are epiphytic in nature.That means they grow on other trees and take nutrition from debris collected in tree trunk.You have to mimic such condition for that you need wood barks or coconut husk ,sphagnum moss,pebbles and activated charcoal.If you find these articles different to find use standard orchid potting mix from our website.


Orchids Pot

Orchid pot must be designed so that they drain really fast you don’t want  your orchid to sit in water.

Potting Requirements
Den orchids should be re-potted every 2 year and a half to 3 years or once the canes have begun to overgrow the pot or the potting medium remains soggy and no longer drains properly. Only repot the orchid after it has bloomed. Before re-potting always trim away the damaged roots with a sterile cutting tool. Den orchids can be divided as long as they have 7 or 8 canes. If you were to divide a plant with less than that it would stunt the growth of each division.

What to do when we get delivery of  orchid plant

We always send potted plant so you don’t need to repot them just take care of them as per instructions given above.


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