Bare Root Lucky jade plant


The Jade is grown indoors and borrows itself from the bonsai in the way it grows like a miniature tree, with a trunk and branches.

It is also a succulent that will retain water well within the leaves, just like the cactus plant.

This succulent is for beginners specially and very hard to kill plant

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Size: 3 to 6 Inch

Care Instruction:

Sun: Loves bright direct sun. Soil: Use well draining soil containing lot of gravel or charcoal.

Fertilizer: Use balanced NPK fertilizer once a year.

Watering: Water when soil completely feels dry.

Gardening Level: Beginner

Dormancy: Summer dormant

Processing Time: We take 2 day to make plant ready for journey. Before packing we give them fertilizer and fungicide for best results.

Packing: We send  in strong customized cardboard boxes to ensure zero transit loss.


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