Iron Rich Spinach Complete Grow Kit / F-1 Hybrid (5 Item Pack)


F-1 hybrid vegetable seeds are hybridized for optimum production.

These vegetables grow fast and are ready to harvest after 45 days of transplanting.

All you need to do is follow our detailed? guide and enjoy toxic free organic healthy vegetables from your own kitchen garden.

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  1. This Set includes 1 Seed Pkt (PBC F1 Hybrid containing min 200 seeds) , 500 gm? Seed starting mix , 1 master pot , Detailed growing guide and? 6 cavity Seedling tray.
  2. Spinach are grown round the year. However in summer they taste bitter. Optimal condition for germination is 25 -30 degree celsius temperature. So usually from Feb to april then july to october is sowing season.
  3. Once Seed germinate, make sure that the seedlings receive a lot of intense light and keep them warm and constantly moist
  4. Water well just maintain drainage.
  5. If you have your seedlings on a window sill, be sure to turn them daily to keep them from acquiring a permanent southward crick in the stem
  6. When the seedlings have four leaves, transfer them to deeper pots, still using a light potting mixture
  7. Work with care, so as not to disturb the roots or bruise the young plants
  8. Put a layer of potting soil (about an inch) in the bottom of the new pots, then tip the seedling to transplant into your hand or scoop it out of its old home with a spoon
  9. Set the seedling in the new pot, carefully fill the pot with soil, covering most of the seedling stem.
  10. Only the leaves should be above the soil line


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