Kitchen Garden Essentials Combo of 4


Looking for organic and nutritious  plants for Kitchen garden?

This combo of Strawberry, Banana, Spinach & Lettuce Seed kit will quench your search.

These plants are extremely easy to care for. Combo is made entirely for you so grab soon before they went out of stock.

Orders might get delayed due to ongoing covid restrictions.

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  1. This Set includes 2 Seed Pkt (PBC F1 Hybrid containing min 200 seeds) , 500 gm-2 ,Seed starting mix , 2 master pot , Detailed growing guide and, 2- 6 cavity Seedling tray.
  2. Strawberry plant and Banana Plant will be provided in Nursery Plastic pot.
  3. When the seedlings have four leaves, transfer them to deeper pots, still using a light potting mixture
  4. Work with care, so as not to disturb the roots or bruise the young plants
  5. Put a layer of potting soil (about an inch) in the bottom of the new pots, then tip the seedling to transplant into your hand or scoop it out of its old home with a spoon
  6. Set the seedling in the new pot, carefully fill the pot with soil, covering most of the seedling stem.
  7. Only the leaves should be above the soil line


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