Mustard Cake 1 Kg

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  • Mustard cake?is the residue left over from commercial?mustard?oil or meal production.?Mustard cake?is widely used as a?fertilizer?for flowering and vegetable?plants.?Mustard?oil?cake fertilizer?is very rich in protein. It provides many micro nutrients to your?garden plants.

    Natural and organic fertilizer differs from chemicals in that they feed your plants while building the soil. Soils with lots of organic material remain loose and airy, hold more moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, and promote healthier plant root development.

    • Made from high quality mustard
    • If only chemicals are added the soil gradually loses its organic matter and microbiotic activity. As this material is used up, the soil structure deteriorates, becoming compact, lifeless and less able to hold water and nutrients. This results in increased amounts needed to feed plants.
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  • Mustard cake is residue of mustard seed after extracting oil from it.
  • This residue is highly enriched in protein and NPK which make it best choice for plants.
  • Helps in flowering, fruit development? and new root development
  • Supports plant growth and strong stems

How To Use:

  • Simply crush as powder and then mix in soil.
  • You can also bury chunks in soil.
  • Mulch soil after mixing.
  • Apply once in every 3 month.

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Mustard Cake 1 Kg

180.00450.00 (-60%)

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