Organic Vermicompost 1KG / Earthworm Composed Vermi


  • Easy to apply
  • Enriches soil with macro and micro nutrients.
  • Contains NPK in good ratio for? your plants
  • Helps in flowering, fruiting and new root development
  • Net Volume : 1Kg
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  • Contains Phosphorous, Potassium , Nitrogen, Micro and macro nutrient? for your plants
  • Easy to apply
  • Helps in flowering, fruit development? and new root development
  • Supports plant growth and strong stems

How To Use:

  • Add 1Kg of vermicompost in garden soil with 1:6 part, that means 1 part vermicompost and 6 part other substrate.
  • Mulch soil after mixing vermicompost.
  • Apply once in every 2 month.


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