Philodendron birkin / Air Purifying Plants

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The Philodendron genus contains hundreds of species of beautiful foliage plants.

And many are commonly grown as houseplants.

In fact, they’re often touted for their air-cleaning abilities indoors.

Birkin is most unusual are rae variegated variety of philodendron known for its extreme beauty.

Their leaves are typically large, green, and glossy with white veins, adding a touch of their native tropical jungles to your home.

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Pot Size: 5′ depth  Pot Material:Thermoflexi/Plastic  Plant Size: 4′ inch to 6′ spread.

Care Instruction:

Sun: Loves bright indirect sun perfect for indoor environment.

Soil: Use cocochips and cocopeat mixture with some charcoal.

Fertilizer: Use balanced NPK fertilizer.

Watering: Keep well watered , its a humidity loving plant But don’t overwater the plant.

Gardening Level: Beginner Processing Time: We take 2 day to make plant ready for journey. Before packing we give them fertilizer and fungicide for best results.

Packing: We send potted plant in strong customized cardboard boxes to ensure zero transit loss.


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