Syngonium wendlandii / Air Purifying Plants

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Syngonium is known by many names including arrowhead plant, American evergreen or five fingers.

As the plant ages, it begin to vine, therefore, it can be grown in hanging baskets or with climbing poles.

Wendlandii is one of the prized syngonium variety due to its unique pattern and color.

They are easy to care fuzz free beautiful houseplant which everyone must add in their collection.

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Pot Size: 5′ depth  Pot Material:Thermoflexi/Plastic  Plant Size: 4′ inch to 6′ inch length 3′ to 4’spread.

Care Instruction:

Sun: Loves bright indirect sun perfect for indoor environment.

Soil: Use well draining aerated soil.

Fertilizer: Use any high nitrogen NPK fertilizer or simply add cow dung manure.

Watering: Water when soil feels dry , its a humidity loving plant.

Gardening Level: Beginner

Processing Time: We take 2 day to make plant ready for journey. Before packing we give them fertilizer and fungicide for best results.

Packing: We send potted plant in strong customized cardboard boxes to ensure zero transit loss.

5 reviews for Syngonium wendlandii / Air Purifying Plants

  1. Shweta

    Another beautiful plant from Four Seasons! Haven’t come across this kind of syngonium in nurseries. It’s healthy and attractive. Was packed nicely and sent well before the expected delivery date. Is also reasonably priced. Am very happy with it! Thank you.

  2. Bini

    Very guddddd

  3. Aaron

    I haven’t come across this type of syngonium in nursuries. Received a beautiful n fresh plant . I ordered so many plants from four seasons . All r doing good .

  4. Sharlene

    Excellent performance .Iam fully satisfied with this product .worth to order .I hope my other plants also should reach in a beautiful manner .

  5. Dev

    Good packaging

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