Top 10 Indoor Plants for Your Living Space

Top 10 Indoor Plants for Your Living Space

It is no secret that indoor plants are one of the hottest accessories for home décor. According to a scientific study by NASA, indoor plants are highly helpful in flushing out toxins from your home and are best for clean air.

Most of us think that when it comes to indoor plants, you may need to give them a lot of care and time. But no, all these plants are very low maintenance. You don’t need a large balcony and proper sunlight for these plants to survive.

Here at Budsnblush, we have a variety of indoor plants so let’s take a look at the top 10 elegant indoor plants that are suitable for every urban home –

Bonsai Tree in Ceramic Pot – Ficus Ginseng

Ficus bonsai, commonly known as weeping fig or ficus tree, is a beautiful houseplant that is loved by many plant parents. It has a unique curved trunk with dark green, oval leaves that make it a great centerpiece for your living room or side table. Plant them in shallow but wide pots to show if it has spectacular stems and roots.




Fittonia will satisfy the inner perfectionist in you. Each leaf of Fittonia Green is perfectly shaped with bright white veins that run into the dark green foliage, also known as nerve plant and silver net plant. He is a temperamental plant, but totally worth the trouble!



Rubber Plant

With its deeply glossy leaves, the rubber plant is a favorite of both designers and home gardeners alike. An excellent choice for an air purifier as well as an ornamental plant, it thrives in Indian climates and with proper care can live for almost a decade, which is very little in the first place. Bring it home and watch it grow with you.



Syngonium Wendlandii

The Syngonium or arrowhead plant is stunning in itself and it becomes all the more beautiful when its pink and white leaves blend together to spread soft whimsical vibes. Green varieties with soft pastel pink and feathery white foliage put together in one planter are a match made in heaven. There is no better pairing of similar plants than white and pink leaves, even if we tried. Extremely easy to care for excellent for indoor spaces, pink and white synonyms is what you’ve been looking for in all of this.



Chamaedorea Palm

The parlor palm (Chamaedoria elegans) has long been used as an indoor plant. This lovely plant with dark green leaves was first discovered in Central America and brought back to the United States where it quickly became a popular indoor palm. It grows in attractive clusters with thin trunks of light textured foliage.



Caladium Christmas White

Caladiums are tuberous tropical plants, known for their colorful foliage, and are used as a houseplant or summer bedding plants. It is a pity that stadia is rarely considered as a houseplant. These plants are almost unique for their foliage. They have large, arrow-shaped, and paper-thin leaves that come in an attractive array of colors and patterns. A mass of stadia is an explosion of white, green, red, and pink… speckled, veined, and striped. But these plants have some drawbacks. They are tuberous plants that develop foliage only from spring to autumn, require a lot of humidity, and have absolutely no cold tolerance. Still, as far as unusual indoor plants go, these will certainly raise some appreciable eyebrows.




Alocasia Silver Dragon

Alocasia Silver Dragon is an exceptional plant that is considered more difficult to find (and therefore rarer) as an indoor plant. With remarkable silvery, textured leaves, this plant is named for the foliage that resembles a dragon scale. As a member of the Aroid family, this particular plant is beloved for its uniqueness and is part of the “Jewel Alocasia” series of plants. The Alocasia Silver Dragon is a phenomenal houseplant that is gaining popularity with collectors and plant lovers alike—and with good reason, just check it out!



Alocasia Nebula

Alocasia nebula is an exotic species that is sought after as a houseplant because of its otherwise large and beautiful leaves. This is despite the fact that this plant will require a lot of your time and attention to survive and thrive indoors.



Crassula Campfire Succulent

Crassula Campfire – The endearing succulent plant is a great plant for beginners as first-time parents. Crassula Campfire – Succulent Plant is a very easy and low-maintenance plant that can be grown literally anywhere: bathroom, bedroom, office desk, dining table, bookshelf, or kitchen.



Rare Pink Wandering Jew Nanouk / Tradescantia Nanouk

Named after its habit of growing fast and unruly and wandering to the ends of the earth, the Wandering Jew is an easy plant to grow if left to its own devices. Also known as spiderwort, the wandering ghetto is used in both hanging baskets and ground covers. The stunning leaves are striped in purple and add instant color to your garden. Easy to care for, this plant looks stunning in its hanging planter and thrives in bright light.



Benefits of best indoor plants for home

Allergy relief

Researchers found that rooms with plants had less dust and mildew than rooms without foliage. Leaves and other parts of plants act as natural filters to capture allergens and other airborne particles. Common low-light houseplants such as Chinese evergreens or peace lilies can work. Other plants with violets and textured leaves maybe even better trappers. Avoid plants with pollen or spores.

Air purifiers

Carpets, paint, cleaners, printer toner and inks, and many other indoor items release pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They can build up in the air and irritate your eyes and skin, make your asthma worse, or make it difficult for you to breathe. Houseplants can absorb VOCs. In addition to English ivy and asparagus fern, dragon trees are good air scrubbers.

Relaxing lavender

For centuries, this fragrant purple plant has been used as herbal medicine. It is possible to inhale lavender oil or massage it on your scalp for aromatherapy. It is also possible to boil the leaves for tea. Some studies show that it can help calm you down and reduce any anxiety. But more evidence is needed.


There’s no need to worry if your houseplants aren’t looking their best. That’s what Budsnblush is here to help you out. You can find indoor plant care tips here. Best indoor plants are some of the most versatile greenery you can find. Start by choosing a few of your favorites to see where they might fit in.

From there, you’ll have an idea of what works best in your space and what other plants you want to add! If you’re ready to get a little more creative, why not try your hand at making a DIY ladder plant stand or a DIY succulent wall garden? These projects allow you to create a fun indoor garden without taking up a lot of space! If you’re tight on floor space then unique walls and hanging planters are the way to go.

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