Croton Gold Dust Indoor Plant

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Product description

Croton Gold Dust is a type of indoor plant that is known for its vibrant, golden-yellow foliage. It is a tropical plant that originates from Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, and is a popular choice for homes and offices due to its striking appearance and ability to thrive indoors.


The leaves of the Croton Gold Dust are large, oval-shaped, and have a waxy texture. It requires bright, indirect light and warm temperatures, as well as well-draining soil and occasional watering to maintain its beauty. Over-watering or low light can cause the plant to lose its bright yellow color.


Croton is actually from dracena family which belongs to dragon plants and they are perfect Indoor Plants. Croton stems and bright colored stripes make them stand alone in any plant settings. Use these low maintenance plants to make your home look more exotic and feel fresh.
Pot Size: 4 Inch Black Plastic Basic Nursery Pot.
Plant Size: 6 Inch To 10 Inch plant.
Sun Need : Keep in indirect sun away from direct light.
Water: Water once in a week if its winter or rainy season. In summer water thrice a week.
Fertilizer:  Fertilize after each 3 month with cow dung manure or any balanced NPK fertilizer.
Repotting: This plant love to grow root bound so repot once in 2 year only.

Croton Gold Dust Plant Benefits

The Croton Gold Dust plant has several benefits, including:

  1. Air purification: Like many indoor plants, the Croton Gold Dust helps to purify the air by removing harmful toxins and pollutants.

  2. Aesthetic appeal: Its bright golden-yellow foliage adds a pop of color and beauty to any indoor space.

  3. Stress relief: Studies have shown that having plants in the home can help reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

  4. Improved air quality: By removing pollutants from the air, the Croton Gold Dust can improve air quality and reduce the symptoms of allergies and respiratory issues.

  5. Increased humidity: Plants naturally increase humidity levels by releasing moisture through a process called transpiration, which can help combat dry indoor air, especially in the winter months.

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